The Clivia Enthusiast eGroup This the the world wide chat group for Clivia Enthusiasts.  Started and Moderated by Rudo Lotter, this group is an absolute must!
China Clivia China Clivia is a very interesting site with some beautiful sections of Chinese Plants and their leaves, seeds and flowers.  The site belongs to Mr Cui and is well worth the visit.
Brief introdution

International Cultivar Registration Authorities (ICRAs)

Some very interesting information on the registration of Cultivar Names

Toshi's Page

Toshi's page is always exciting.  Great photos of all sorts of things.
International Bulb Society This site was designed to inform the public about the IBS as well as to disseminate useful information about geophytic plants, commonly known as "bulbs", and to provide several avenues to exchange information.
Jim Shield's Web Site The Amaryllis Family: Clivia
North American Clivia Society  
Ken Smith's Cliviasmith site.
You will also find the new "Clivia Name Register and Checklist" at this site.
KwaZulu-Natal Clivia Club, a branch of the Clivia Society. Here are to be found details for the 2002 Clivia Conference held Saturday, 7. September 2002, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
CliviaNet CliviaNet___________
     for clivia lovers around the World
Cyrtanthiflora Breeders Wessel Lötter is one of the worlds most renowned clivia breeders, and has been breeding clivia for the last twenty years, cultivating new mutations like the Peach, Picotee and Yellow Greengirl.
The Clivia Farm Your quickest and easiest source of Morris Clivias as well some of the best bred clivias from South Africa, America, Europe and Japan.
Pierre de Coster's Clivia web site Pierre de Coster's Clivia web siteweb site
Wu Jin's web site in China Wu Jin is well know Clivia Grower in China