Letters of Reference

28 July 2005

Hi Ken, Thank you for your very well packaged parcel. The seeds are very well protected. And this time the seeds arrived so quickly! I put seeds in a pot today as soon as I received them. Many thanks!

张 旸 (Zhangyang )
from China.

25 July 2005

Hello Ken

Many Thanks.  My germination rate from the seeds I have purchased from you in the past, has been very good.  Thanks once again for a wonderful selection.

Eastern Cape, South Africa 

19 July 2005

You folks are wonderful!   My order has arrived and is in excellent condition.

Thank you, Ken Severe
Lakewood, United States


17 July 2005

The first order arrived safely last week. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to receiving more wonderful seeds.  Keep up the good work.  
There is some fantastic stock this year. Again, thanks for helping to make my part of the World a more beautiful place!

Kindest regards,

Charleigh Chadwick

6 Oct 2003

Thanks Joseph ,seeds arrived already, beautifully seeds very professionally packed ,many thanks.

Angela Lawless.
Cairns. Australia.

15 July 2002

Yes, this is my order and it is correct. I am so pleased that I can order from you. My last order of one seed and one plant arrived in such wonderful condition. The plant is growing happily now and the seed has sprouted and is producing its first leaf. Thank you for taking the time and energy to provide people all over the world with the opportunity to purchase the finest clivia from the finest breeders. I am proud to be among the lucky customers!

Penny Powers
Flandreau, United States

23 December 2001

Hi Barbara and Sylvia,

I don't know if anyone has responded privately to your requests for seeds of yellow clivias, but if they haven't, try The Clivia Store, www.clivias.com  There are several crosses listed for sale at this time.  I don't know if its wise to ship seeds in winter or not, or if air mail parcels run into the problem of freezing temperatures. However, I've bought my seeds from this store this past summer.  They arrived quickly, in good shape and germinated well. Hope this helps,

Don Baxter
Toronto, Canada

16 December 2001

Dear Ray and Nick
I have never had to get a phyto certificate for non commercial quantities of clivia seed.  Also if small quantities are sent by air they are always put them back in the postal system for delivery to you.  It is my understanding that it is only when one imports in commercial quantities that the seed is held for collection. The Clivia Store will ensure that the seed is clean and correctly marked on the package. I have made many purchases from the Clivia Store.


John Craigie
Ipswich, Australia

3 October 2001

Just wanted to let you know I received this order today and how pleased I am.  I've never placed an order from such a far away place.  The seeds arrived in great shape, I'm very pleased with your high quality.  Your packaging is excellent, I appreciate the planting instructions,  and I'm very glad to have found you on the Internet and to have placed this order. Thank you very much!  I'm keeping you in mind for future reference.

Also, your communication has been excellent.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Mary Jo Duncan