Seedling Care

Nick Primich
5 August 2000

Clivia has a good storage root, and the seed has a tank full of food attached. If I tried your style of planting the seeds under the soil I would lose 50% or more though. I think it depends what sort of funguses are floating around in your vicinity. Here we mostly germinate the seeds in sweat boxes, plastic bags or containers with a bit of silica sand in the bottom that holds a bit of water. The container is sealed and kept between 20-25 degrees C. But if you get a minimum of 90% germination without this fuss, why bother.

I am certain the seedlings can take up food from day one. If you feed them and water them the food bag lasts much longer. If you leave them on their own the bag is used up in a few months, but mine usually last 9-10 months.

We have a small fly whose maggots cause roots to rot. Sometimes if the rot is high up, the root is lost and the seedling with it. Casual funguses leave little spots on the leaves, we cure, or prevent these with dish-washing liquid which has found favour here.